Zagrepčanka: The Iconic Skyscraper at the Heart of Zagreb

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Zagrepčanka is a commercial skyscraper located at the intersection of Savska and Vukovarska streets, built in 1976 according to the project of architects Slavko Jelinek and Berislav Vinković. The inspiration comes from the Thyssenhaus skyscraper located in Dusseldorf, Germany. The skyscraper consists of three parts: the central (which is also the highest), the second (western part), and the third (eastern part). The facade is made of white marble and reflective glass, of which the fixed windows are light green, and the floor beams are dark green glass. The surface area of the entire skyscraper is 50,000 square meters. Until 2006, this was the tallest Croatian skyscraper, but the Eurotower overtook it with its 97 meters.

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