Zagreb’s Secrets: Interesting Facts about Croatia’s Capital

Without any special intro, let’s dive into ten random and less-known interesting facts about the Croatian capital – the city of Zagreb.

Zagreb was once called Agram.

In the 13th century, the entire city was almost destroyed. Still, after that, the town got a document that declared Gradec (one of the villages that later merged with other small towns and became Zagreb) a free royal town.

Zagreb has 25 sister cities, one of which is London from the United Kingdom.

ZET (Croatian: Zagrebački električni tramvaj, translated as Zagreb electric tramway) is one of the safest public transportation in the world! Also, the Zagreb funicular, which connects Lower and Upper town, is the shortest funicular of its kind in the world. It’s long, only 66 meters, and it started working in 1890.

There are 214 gas lamps in the Upper Town that work to this day. Every night, a man visits every lamp and lights in by hand.

The following is one of the coolest things on this list: Zagreb has its Solar system! Nine Views is an installation with nine planets all over the city. The sun is located in Bogovićeva Street in the city’s center, and the other planets are spread out proportionally like the real Solar system.

Zagreb Cathedral is one of the most famous monuments in the city, but did you know that one of the chandeliers in the Cathedral was once hung at a casino in Las Vegas? What a ridiculous world!

On the south side of the Upper town, there is a Lotrščak Tower, one of my favorite buildings in the city. But did you know that a cannon on the top of the tower has been shooting every day at noon for the last 100 years? The only time the canon didn’t shoot was shortly after the big earthquake hit Zagreb in March 2020.

This one cannot be seen from the ground, but you need to experience it from above (you can always check how it looks from the sky by using Google Maps!) – The Lenuci Horseshoe! It is a sequence of seven squares and a Botanical garden which, seen from a bird’s eye view, resembles a horseshoe due to its shape. It’s located in the center of the Lower Town, and it is a natural refreshment of greenery for the city’s center.

I could continue forever with this list, but there is only one more for this list: One of the most popular streets in the center, Tkalčićeva Street, is known for many coffee shops and restaurants, but before the 19th century, the street was the Medveščak stream which was a border between two towns (Kaptol and Gradec) who were in a war for most of the time. The stream was filled with concrete at the end of the 19th century. That stream flows beneath Tkalčićeva Street till this day, and it goes all the way to the Sava River!

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