Zagreb’s Graffiti Alley: A Hidden Hub of Street Art

Street art is one of my favorite things about Zagreb, especially when murals have become entirely normal to see in the last couple of years. I will talk more about the city’s most known and less-known murals; this time, I’m talking about two cool graffiti places you should check out.

The first one is on Branimirova Street.

Branimirova Street is a long street that stretches for almost 8,5 kilometers, and for this article, we’re only interested in 0,5 kilometers. I’m talking about the part between Draškovićeva Street on the west and Držićeva Avenue on the east.

There is a legendary wall that should’ve been demolished ages ago because it is in pretty bad shape, but it is still standing strong. The wall is 3 meters high, wide 40 centimeters, and has been full of graffiti since 1999. Since I had to gather this information, I stumbled upon an article on from 2014, which says the wall will be replaced by a new one “in the following 20 days“. Almost ten years later, the wall is still there. Only a small part of the wall was removed.

This wall “hides “railway parking for the trains.

If you’re interested in places like this one, this is the spot you need to visit.

There is something similar in the neighborhood of Trešnjevka. I’m talking about Magazinska Street, and to be exact, only 0.4km part of that street.

It is something similar to the one on Branimirova Street. The wall looks almost the same, but the part of it is covered with billboards.

I know very little about this wall, but you can visit it if you’re into it.

As mentioned, be sure I will show many of my photos of various murals around Zagreb in the following articles. I can’t wait to share that with you!

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