Zagreb’s Art Pavilion: A Historic Gem in King Tomislav Square

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If traveling by train, Art Pavilion will be one of the first landmarks you’ll see when you come to Zagreb. The pavilion is located on one of the most beautiful squares in Zagreb – King Tomislav Square. Art Pavilion (Croatian Umjetnički paviljon) is an art gallery established in 1898, making it one of Southeast Europe’s oldest galleries. It all started in the spring of 1895 when Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac had the idea of creating a gallery like this one. The following year, in May 1896, at a Millennium Exhibition in Budapest in honor of celebrating 1.000 years of Hungarian statehood, Croatian artists decided to present their work in a purpose-built Pavilion constructed around a prefabricated iron skeleton so it could be shipped in Zagreb after the exhibition ends, which happened later on. The construction lasted for two years and was officially opened on December 15th, 1898, with an exhibition Croatian Salon which attracted more than 10.000 visitors, while Zagreb had a population of 60.000 people. The area of Art Pavilion has a 600m2 display area but doesn’t have a permanent display.

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