Zagreb’s 150-Year Love Affair with Bicycles: A Lifestyle Revolution

This is a short one for all of you cyclists there! In 2017, the city of Zagreb celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first bicycle arrived in Zagreb. Beloved means of transportation for many Zagreb residents came from the World Exhibition in Paris in 1867.

World Exhibitions were a big deal at the time; let’s recall that the Eiffel Tower was even built during one in 1889, while the one two decades before, in 1867, changed the future of transportation on the city streets of Zagreb.

Ladislav Beluš, the merchant responsible for this significant moment in Zagreb’s history, brought the bicycle to Zagreb, causing genuine delight among the people. As a result, in 1894, the “Croatian Cyclist Association” was established, and a year later, entrepreneur Ivan Dirnbacher opened a bicycle factory  – “Ilyria” and “Croatia”. The people of Zagreb fell in love with bicycles, and that love continues to this day.

Today, on the streets of Zagreb, we can see a sea of bicycle enthusiasts riding to work, school, university, or just for a leisurely ride in their free time. It truly is a genius means of transportation that is functional, free, and healthy.

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