Riding the Latest in Tram Technology: Zagreb’s TMK 2200

As part of the Zagreb Electric Tram, 15 daily and 4 night tram lines run through the city streets daily. On the streets, we can see several models of trams, the most famous being the low-floor trams bearing the mark TMK 2200.

These were put into circulation in 2005, and today they dominate the network of ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram).

The TMK 2200 is a low-floor tram of the Crotram consortium, and all the trams of this type produced are currently located in the rolling stock of the Zagreb Electric Tram, adapted to the Zagreb traffic network.

The TMK 2200 tram consists of five segments interconnected by four joints. In the joint area, the segments are interconnected with accordion bellows and transition plates as rotating plates. The vehicle rests on three rotating pedestals (under the 1st, 3rd, and 5th segments) while the other segments are suspended on the supported segments.

Some of the technical characteristics are:

Length: 32,054 m Width: 2,300 m Height (excluding pantograph): 3,400 m Lowered pantograph height: 3,700 m Floor level (100%): 0,350 m Threshold level of entrance doors: 0,300 m Drive (asynchronous): 6×70 kW Configuration: Bo’Bo’Bo’ Number of seats: 46 Number of standing places: 156 Track width: 1,000 m Maximum speed: 70 km/h

Currently we’re waiting for the next generation, so hopefully we’ll see them on the streets very soon!

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