Mystery of Jurjevska Street: Unveiling Zagreb’s Legendary Meteor

As I strolled down Jurjevska Street, starting from the quaint Ilirski trg, I couldn’t help but feel enveloped in the rich tapestry of Zagreb’s history. This street, known for its significant houses linked to notable figures in Croatian history, also harbors a fascinating legend.

Let me share a story woven into this street’s very fabric. Legend has it that in the garden of a house, numbered 24, lie the remains of a meteorite. This tale, once a buzz in the newspapers of the time, has never been scientifically proven. Yet, the very possibility that pieces resembling a meteorite could be nestled in a garden here was enough to ignite the city’s imagination.

As I walked, I wondered about this legendary meteor. Was it a figment of collective fascination, or was there some truth to the tales? The mystery of Jurjevska Street and its alleged meteorite seemed to add another layer of intrigue to Zagreb’s already captivating story.

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