Medvednica Mountain: Zagreb’s Natural Gem

This is one of those topics I’m very happy to write about! So, let’s start back in history when the Medvednica mountain was first mentioned.

Medvednica was first mentioned in 1242 in the document Zlatna Bula (translated Golden Bulla) of Bela IV under the name Medwenicha, where the city of Zagreb was granted possession of the mountain. The name Zagreb Mountain has been in use since the 19th century during absolutism, when mountains were named after towns and settlements, indicating the forest owned by the city.

Medvednica, or Zagrebačka gora (Croatian for Mountain of Zagreb), is north of Zagreb. Its highest peak, Sljeme (1.033 m), is a popular tourist spot that can be reached by road or hiking. From 1963 to 2007, a tourist cable car operated in Sljeme; in 2022, a completely new cable car was opened. Now you can reach the top of the mountain in 15-20 minutes.

The length of Medvednica is 42 km, and it extends in a northeast-southwest direction. The area of the mountain is forested. In 1981, the western part of Medvednica was declared a nature park.

Sljeme has a ski slope that is one of the locations for World Cup ski races (Snow Queen), and since January 2005, it has been hosting races for the Women’s World Cup. Due to bad weather (high temperatures), the last few were canceled. There are three ski lifts: a three-seater and two anchor lifts. Ski slopes are maintained: Red, White, Green, and Blue descent, and White and Činovnička meadow (Yellow descent is not maintained due to excessive steepness).

Medvednica seen from the city

On Medvednica, there is also the church of the Mother of God Sljeme, Queen of Croats.

Of course, there are also hiking trails; the most known are Bikčevićev Put, Leustekov Put, Gupsov Put, Šumarov Put, etc. I have to mention also mountain lodges Glavica, Gorščica, Grafičar, Ivan Pačkovski, Lipa-Rog, Risnjak, Runolist, Vugrovec, and mountain houses Grohot, Hunjka, Kameni svati, Kladeščica, Kulmerica, Lojzekov Izvor, Risova Jazbina, Vidikovac.

Since 2023, you can visit the highest viewpoint of Zagreb, located on the TV Tower Sljeme. The viewpoint is called Sljeme 360; Sljeme is the highest peak of the Medvednica mountain, and it is located 1.032 meters above sea level, and the tower is 169 meters high. The viewpoint is located at 1.118 meters above sea level. This is a ticket worth paying for!

You can get more details about the Medvednica mountain on the website

Friendly advice: if you plan to visit the mountain by car, on foot, or with cable care, check the weather before going there.

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