First Time in Zagreb? The Essential Guide to the City

This article will be a short and highly informative article for everyone who comes to Zagreb. Disclaimer, like everything written on the website, this is my personal opinion. I’ve lived in Zagreb almost my entire life, and I know a thing or two about Zagreb.

So, let’s begin with one of the most essential things, and with a disclaimer from my side – public transportation.

Why did I put that disclaimer there? Because I need to tell you the following: If you have a chance, avoid taxi (called Radio taxi), Uber, Bolt, etc. I know there are many honest taxi drivers, but if a taxi driver notices you’re a foreign traveler, they may try to use that opportunity to scam you. If you can, use public transport like a bus or a taxi.

You can find everything you need to know about the public transport in Zagreb, called ZET (Croatian Zagrebački električni tramvaj) on their website on They publish regularly, and you can find all the important information there (especially if there are any schedule delays). Most of the tram stations have info displays where you can see estimated arrivals.

You can buy a bus/tram ticket in small shops named Tisak or E-novine, or you can buy it from a driver, but be sure to have the exact amount – 0,53 EUR for 30 minutes, or 0,93 EUR for 60 minutes, if buying from driver.

Regarding the money, since January 1st, 2023, Croatia is using only Euro. Before that, Croatia used Kuna, but now you can only pay with Euro. At most places, you can pay with your card, but remember that most coffee shops take only cash (I know, we are 20 years behind the more advanced world).

Talking about money, you don’t need to worry much about safety. Zagreb is a safe city to walk around during the day or even at night. I know you can always run into an idiot who is simply being rude, drunk, or who may want to rob you, but trust a guy who almost daily walks around with an expensive DSLR camera – Zagreb is a safe city. Watch your pockets in crowded areas, especially on public transport, like you would in every other country, and everything will be ok.

Also, if someone approaches you in the center trying to get you to sign something and give money to “charity”, that is a scam. Just say you won’t do it and go away. They are harmless but just boring as hell.

If something happens to you or someone you know, you can call 112. That’s the emergency number for the entire Croatia.

When we talk about the culture, dress as you would in your own country (don’t walk shirtless or in your underpants), and everything will be ok. We don’t have any special dress code for public spaces.

The language is Croatian, but most people you’ll need to talk to are very good at English. If not, you can use your smartphone as a translator, which will significantly help.

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For the last part, if you want to know what to see in Zagreb and learn more about the city itself, you need to bookmark this website and trust me with my experience and knowledge about Zagreb to teach you as much as I can!

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