Exploring Zagreb’s Iconic Art Galleries

Let’s talk art! I’m a big fan of art, especially when we’re talking visual art, so let me share with you three art galleries in the center of Zagreb worth visiting.

The first is the Meštrovićev Pavilion (translated as Mestrovic Pavilion), also known as the Home of Croatian Artists (Croatian Dom HDLU). It is a cultural venue with a fantastic interior and exterior. This building was designed by Ivan Meštrović and built back in 1938. During its lifetime, it served several functions. It is located on the Square of the Victims of Fascism.

HDLU says about themselves, “HDLU annually organizes or collaborates in the organization of approximately 40 exhibitions in four diversely profiled galleries. The exhibition program covers all art presentation and production segments, ranging from significant national and international manifestations to projects concerning new media pursuing experimentation. Lecture programs, workshops, and presentations accompany the exhibitions. Exhibition programs are flexible, and our exhibition spaces are often used to display various artistic disciplines ranging from dance to music and theater productions.”

Worth checking out!

The second is Modern gallery (Croatian Moderna galerija) 2021, known as the National Museum of Modern Art (Croatian Nacionalni muzej moderne umjetnosti). Moderna galerija has been located in the Vranyczany Palace in Zrinjevac Park since 1934, and it hosts a collection of around 12.000 pieces of art.

Moderna galerija says about themselves, “The National Museum of Modern Art / NMMA is a museum of fine arts that surveys the development of traditional art disciplines from the mid-19th century to the present day. The founder of the NMMA is the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. In 1899, the idea of ​​such a museum was conceived by the painter, art historian, and politician Izidor Kršnjavi who proposed it to Zagreb. It was officially founded in 1905 when the Society commissioned the first three works by then-contemporary artists. Thus, the gallery started operating as a department of the Art Society focused on patronizing contemporary national art and facilitating the development of artistic production.”

The third gallery on the list is the Klović courtyards gallery (Croatian Galerija Klovićevi dvori, or just shorten Klovićevi dvori). Klovićevi dvori is in the Upper town – Jesuit Square 4 (Croatian Jezuitski trg 4).

“The Klovićevi dvori Gallery is one of Croatia’s most important cultural institutions. With its broad scope of activities, encompassing artistic and cultural phenomena from prehistory to modernity, and by engaging with a variety of topics and original approaches, the Klovićevi dvori Gallery continues to intrigue domestic and foreign audiences. From its foundation in 1982, the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, then called the Museum Space (Muzejski proctor), has been the pioneer in taking significant steps on the Croatian artistic and cultural scene.” says the website of Klovićevi dvori.

This beautiful gallery offers a rich cultural program during the year, so you have to check their yearly schedule when you’re in Zagreb!

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