Experience the Magic of Winter: Advent in Zagreb 2023 – Lights, Festivities, and Holiday Joy

Advent in Zagreb, running from December 2 to January 7 2023, promises a delightful experience of winter warmth and festive joy. The city will be beautifully illuminated with thousands of lights, creating a romantic atmosphere perfect for gatherings with loved ones. Imagine strolling through streets, squares, and parks, sipping on mulled wine or hot chocolate, surrounded by the enticing aromas of cinnamon, cloves, and local delicacies.

This year’s Advent in Zagreb offers a range of exciting activities:

Food ADVENTure: Experience the true Christmas atmosphere at various spots perfect for relaxing and taking photos.

Jolly Good Time: Enjoy the resonating sounds of the Zagreb Christmas songbook across concert halls, churches, museums, and foyers.

Culture in Advent: Engage with performances and exhibitions that capture the essence of Christmas.
Junior Advent: A special focus on the little ones, with activities that celebrate their excitement and belief in the magic of Christmas.

Jingle All The Way: Discover Zagreb’s hidden gems like the oldest zoo in the region, a large miniature railroad, a live Nativity scene, sports races, and unique crafts.

Ho-Ho-Hotels: Hotels in Zagreb embrace the holiday spirit with special accommodation and food offers, showcasing Christmas-flavored delicacies.

Advent Décor: The city center and parks will be adorned with fairy-tale-like decorations, including snow-covered Historicist Art Nouveau buildings, all lit up with festive lights and Christmas ornaments.

Wau Meow Advent: A unique celebration for pet owners and their furry companions, adding a different flavor to the Advent festivities​​.

Join in this festive celebration and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Advent in Zagreb!

Learn more at adventzagreb.hr

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