Capturing the Seasons: Best Locations for Seasonal Photography in Zagreb

This topic is something I love to talk about, so let’s dig into it!

First, let me start with spring. Springtime in Zagreb is beautiful! Since there are many beautiful parks around the city, many lovely places begin to blossom during this time of the year. The first place is just next to the Main railway station – I’m talking about beautiful King Tomislav Square.

Next to King Tomislav’s statue are two magnolia trees that become the most popular trees in the city when they start to blossom. I should stop talking about those since the images below tell you everything. This is one of the most Instagramable places in Zagreb during springtime.

The next location is the Botanical Garden – of course.

The Botanical Garden in Zagreb is a beautiful and peaceful oasis in the heart of the city. It was founded in 1889 and covers an area of 5 hectares. The Garden is a scientific institution devoted to researching, cultivating, and protecting Croatian indigenous plants. It has over 10.000 species of plants and plenty of restful corners and paths.

The Garden is open to the public from Spring till Autumn. During the season, it is closed only on Easter Sunday and Monday, Assumption Day (August 15), and All Saints’ Day (November 1).

You can check their schedule and learn more about it on the

The next season is summertime! Zagreb is stunning during summertime, and the main reason is that it is empty! I love when people go to the seaside and many streets and public transport are empty. But, in reality, in the last couple of years, Zagreb has become popular among foreign tourists, so you may encounter a lot of tourist groups walking around the city’s center. I don’t mind it since I still have that „empty Zagreb“ feel every summer. I’m writing this article in the end of July, and I can confirm that Zagreb hasn’t lost it. But, if you want to see it the most empty, you shuld come during August.

I recommend early mornings in the city center because there are stunning views to be captured with your camera. For example, I love the view of twisty Ilica Street, seeing it from the main square and looking to the west.

In the morning, there aren’t many people or trams on the street, so it looks nice! Also, visit the Upper Town because it is even more empty, and you can take lovely panorama photos from the Strossmayer Promenade (shorten Stross).

When you get tired of the heat, you can always go to the Vranyczany Meadow near the Strossmayer Promenade, or even to the Medvednica Mountain to enjoy a couple of degrees colder temperatures and take lovely photos of fantastic nature.

Medvednica is a mountain in central Croatia, just north of Zagreb, and marks the southern border of the historical region of Zagorje. The highest peak, at 1.035m, is Sljeme. The mountain is 42 kilometers long, and most of the 17.900 ha area is a preserved nature park covered in forest. The mountain has over 70 hiking trails and small streams – so get ready to take many photos! If you want to learn more, be sure to check the article I’ve already written about the Medvednica Mountain.

Now we’re in autumn. There is something special in those early foggy mornings when the city is still sleeping, and you’re outside with your camera.

For this time of the year, I recommend walking around the city center because you can get dramatic shots with the help of fog. You can also visit Maksimir Park and take mystic photos of its five lakes covered with fog.

And after morning, when the air clears up, you can get those kilometers in your feet because there isn’t any more summer heat, and photo walks won’t get you sweaty.

Pro tip: If the city is cloudy/foggy, check the live cam on the TV Tower Sljeme because sometimes, when the city is covered with clouds/fog, the upper parts of the Medvednica mountain are covered only with sunshine and the temperatures are higher! Check those photos below.

In the end, we’re in winter. It’s been a while since there was proper snow in Zagreb, so I can’t recommend any unique places that look cool under the snow. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’ve photographed the center covered with snow and Maksimir Park (especially when it’s fresh snow), and I got incredible shots!

But something you can count on during wintertime is Advent in Zagreb! This Christmas market won The Best Christmas Market in Europe Award three times in a row, so you bet you can get great shots there!

Dress something warm, take many extra batteries because the juice runs low very easily during low temperatures, and enjoy those Golden Hour photos with Christmas lights and a sea of people enjoying their time.

I’ve helped you find the best seasonal locations around Zagreb. Since I have been photographing Zagreb for the last 15+ years, this is just one of many posts about photography and Zagreb, so be sure to bookmark and come back for more content like this one!

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